Alright, here it is once more! The annual “are you going to this convention because I am!” post. This time it’s Shutocon, a small, midwest con set in Lansing, MIchigan! Who’s going? If you are going, did you know that I’ll be co-hosting a Durarara!! Panel and it will be highly character-interactive!? (You could be interacting with a Kida, Izaya, Shizuo, Tom, and even an Aoba!) You should go, it should be fun!! If you aren’t going to Shutocon weekend, I hope your weekend is just as fun! What are your plans? c: 

If you’re interested in going to the panel, here is the info!: 

Pick Your Color: Blue Squares, Yellow Scarves, or Colorless? Saturday evening, from 8-9pm in Panel Room 2 (102).  

If anyone has questions pertaining to my schedule at Shutocon, they may ask here, but is generally requested that you go to my personal just to keep things nice and tidy here. c: Thanks, guys! Hope to see some of you there!! 

  1. awesomelyandi21 answered: HOLY CRAP! I AM GOING! I WILL BE THERE!
  2. yuko6754 answered: I-I really want to be able to go this year as well ;-;
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