“I once saw a Shizuo rper who didn’t ship Shizaya and was literally torn apart via ask by crazy Shizaya shippers and ended up deactivating because of it. I haven’t been able to find them since but they were probably the best Shizuo role player I’ve seen. And I hope they come back one day. I just feel so sorry for them. It was really unfair and it shows how people take things too far.”

This has been sitting in the drafts for a while, because I wasn’t sure if I should make it into an  actual graphic confession. As my rules apply, I don’t allow any confessor to call out any single group out of the drrr!! fandom such as “The Shizaya Fans” or the “Anti-Shizaya Fans” so on and so forth.  However, I believe this confession needs to be brought to light in some way so I’m making it a PSA.

When I read the confession — I simply shook my head and couldn’t believe that anyone would even take the time out of their day to harass someone online like this. Over something so trivial as rp.  Bullying is not okay, guys. It’s just not. There is no excuse to bullying. What you may think is something silly that won’t even phase them could be the last thing to push them over the edge. Just think about that the next time you ever have the urge to send someone an intended hateful message. 

As for this submission, it will not be made into a graphic as it doesn’t pass the rulebook,  however, bullying is always something I like to make awareness of because it’s pettiness is just not needed. Ever.  Thanks for your understanding and support. 

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    wowowow I would rant forever about how not okay this is but I’m gonna stop myself here. just. tHIS IS NOT!! OKAY!!
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