Due to the recent confessions at hand that have started a controversy between the fandom, and the fact that they are starting anonymous hate which is equivalent to cyberbullying. I don’t care how you justify it. If you go to someone’s inbox and tell them to die or kill themselves in any context, it’s bullying and maybe you should take a step back to kindergarten and read the rule: “Treat others as you would want to be treated.”

Because of this fiasco, I am going to take a short hiatus to publishing Shizaya confessions that I think are offensive or would take offensive to the fandom and in the fandom. This has nothing to do with my personal preference — this is me trying to stop an idiotic ship war that is apparently resulting in bullying. The short hiatus is not determined as of yet if and when it will end. Until then, back off on Shizaya confessions. If you’re new to this blog, remember to check the rules before submitting.

If you are one of the anons that are worried about getting such asks, a user has generously suggested that you get statcounter.com. You just make an account, enter what site/page you want stats for and then you copy and paste code onto page layout (in the sidebar) and from there it tracks who comes and goes. In addition, you can also choose if you want your statcounter visible or invisible. Just check ‘projects’ each time you log into the site and it will show the pages you are tracking stats of, and selecting it you get to see the specific info. 

On the many asks that I’ve been receiving because of this scandal — if you weren’t under anon, I will be replying to your privately. If you were under anonymous, your message was read but it will be deleted because I don’t want anymore of this on the blog. If you are under anonymous and would still like to talk to me, you are free to message me on the blog not under anonymous and we can talk privately. 

I’m going to be deleting the one or two confessions that have enforced this out-of-hand conflict between shippers. Thank you for understanding. 

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